Monday, November 30, 2015

Could Specialists Act As Primary Care Doctors?

 My opinion:  I've frequently thought about this issue myself, but I wasn't sure if this were even possible.  Specialists, like cardiologists and gastroenterologists, went through an internal medicine residency (which is primary care) before they did fellowships in their desired subspecialties.  The article discusses a new program where retired specialists could be re-trained to perform primary care.  I think this is a great idea, especially since many of these doctors could use a refresher on how primary care is practiced today.  I don't know if many retired doctors would be willing to do this, however, but it does appear that they often retire late, or continue to work part-time well into their 70s or later.  Another problem is licensing these physicians, as many of them may not want to take long board exams.  Perhaps boards could become more lenient for primary care physicians, since they do not need as much expertise in specialty disciplines.  This could also encourage more people to pursue primary care in general.  s this idea as realistic as it sounds?  Feel free to comment.


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