Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Need a prescription? Pay more in the USA

My opinion:  Though the article is short, its message is strong - people in the USA pay three times that of what the British pay for prescription drugs.  And in many other countries, the price is even less expensive.  The article argues that government control of prescription prices is what helps lower costs.  In the USA, pharmaceutical companies have more power to raise prices, and claim that it is necessary for research purposes.  I'm wondering if this is the same reason college tuition has increased so much in the last couple of decades.  Companies figure that Americans are willing to pay more and hence raise the price of the product.  I've also noticed that a some healthcare, for example, radiology, is being outsourced to other countries.  Is it possible for Americans to buy prescription drugs in other countries and have them shipped for an overall lower price?  I also wonder if less popular drugs, which were not included in the study, also are priced higher in the USA than in other countries.  Have any opinions?  Feel free to comment.

From: http://theadvocate.com/news/13694485-172/us-pays-three-times-more

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