Sunday, September 13, 2015

Could Deportation of Illegal Immigrants Cause a Medical Crisis?

My opinion:  I think the sudden deportation of immigrants could cause a lot of unintended problems, and this article has a great perspective on the issue.  Deportation could lead to mental health issues, as it is associated with stress and depression.  But besides that, immigrants might refuse to visit doctors, for fear that they will report them to the government.  Should medical ethics dictate that a patient's immigration status is confidential information?  Usually, from an ethical standpoint, if the information could cause harm to the patient or others, it should be withheld.  Not only could this information result in a lack of access to care, but it could cause a large spread of infectious diseases if a large portion of this group is not treated.  At the same time, many feel that these people should not receive healthcare as they are not legal citizens, and they have not paid taxes to support our healthcare system.  Is there a way to fund these immigrants?  How should these immigrants be sought out if deportation efforts increased?  And lastly, what other problems would arise from mass deportation?  Please feel free to comment.


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