Monday, August 31, 2015

Can't Find a Physician Who Speaks Your Language? Translators, Websites Can Help!

The article below reveals the importance of foreign language translation in the medical field.  For patients who don't speak English well, clear communication is necessary to solve complex problems.  Foreign patients are enticed to nod their head after the doctor speaks, indicating that they understand the doctor, when they actually understand very little.  If they cannot repeat what the doctor says with accuracy, then a translation professional is contacted.  I'm proud to announce that I'm trying to alleviate this problem with my new website,  The website has a directory (the making of which is still in progress) where patients can search for doctors who speak their own language.  Doctors can submit their contact information to the directory if they wish.  While I'm sure translators are very useful, some hospitals may not hire them.  Also, patients may want more direct communication with their physicians, or prefer a doctor who understands their cultural background.  I hope patients and doctors alike will find this directory of good use!  Feel free to leave tips, comments, and spread the word!


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