Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Will Needles Disappear from Medicine?

My opinion:  The article in the link below discusses many potential advancements that can replace needles.  For example, pills may one day have tiny needles that inject the medication into the intestine so it can reach the bloodstream.  Another involves a pill that will dissolve in the tongue, diffusing through the membrane to the bloodstream.  There may even be microscopic patches full of needles that can be pressed into the skin.  All of these methods are remarkable, but, the article reminds us that only 10% of inventions make it to market.  I can see the needle patches being a reality, but I'm not sure about the edible pill.  What if the needles don't inject in the right place, like in the small intestine?  Also, I'm wondering what the patches will do to the skin over time, as they inject over such a wide area.  Regardless, I'm glad that alternatives are being researched.  Though it may be of minor concern to scientists, I'm sure many patients are tired of sticking themselves with needles.  Any thoughts?  Feel free to comment.

From: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/crux/2015/07/13/needle-free-medicine/#.VaVeSIXEklI

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