Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Biggest Loser Effect: Is it Healthy?

My opinion:  I'll have to agree with Professor Wittert here, the show really does push people too hard.  I remember hearing a teacher of mine years ago say that all reality TV is bad except for The Biggest Loser, because it actually helps people.  But you could argue that it hurts them more than it helps.  I remember watching one show with my mom and seeing most of the contestants passing out on the floor the first day in.  It just seems crazy to work them really hard the first day when they've hardly exercised in their lives before.  And furthermore, many of them put the weight back on after they leave.  But now that a health expert has complained about it, it will be interesting to see what the government does, but I doubt anything will happen to the show.  What kind of movement would it take to get the show canceled?  Is it even possible?  Feel free to comment.

Exercising until you vomit is not OK

Exercising until you vomit is not OK

The Biggest Loser is a crass attempt to make entertainment out of a serious problem, according to an Australian obesity expert who has officially complained to the national media watchdog.
Professor Gary Wittert says the reality TV show is devoid of academic, artistic or scientific purpose.
These views have led to an official complaint about the show to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, which he says has so far gone unanswered.
Professor Wittert, Chair of Weight Management Australia, was particularly scathing about a recent episode where competitors were reported to have collapsed and vomited while attempting to scale 10,000 stairs.
“There is nothing healthy about exercising until you vomit and collapse,” he said. “The participants are subject to tactics that induce guilt, shame and fear. A reasonable person would easily form the view that the contestants are demeaned and exploited.”


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