Monday, December 30, 2013

Which Gender Needs More Sleep and Why?

My opinion:  There seems to be some information missing here.  One of the main reasons women need more sleep than men is supposedly because women are more mentally active.  However, even in cases where men are just as active, they wouldn't need quite as much sleep.  So what could be some biological factors that account for this?  Funnily enough, it could be that women simply prefer to sleep more than men do, but I think this is an oversimplification.  I will say that women seem to have sleep related disorders more often then men do, for example, chronic fatigue syndrome.  Perhaps these illnesses relate back to the findings presented here.  Aside from the biological aspects, one can be sure that the stereotype of angry, hostile women in the morning will penetrate deeper into our society.  Let's hope it doesn't become too strong, although I also hope women realize their potential disposition to the morning blues.   

Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men: Research Shows Stronger Mental, Physical Response To Inadequate Rest

woman sleeping
(Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock On average, women experience more consequences from inadequate sleep compared to men.
Women need more sleep than men, according to a recent study. Researchers from Duke University have discovered that, compared to men, women experience more mental and physical consequences from inadequate rest. Besides giving half the population a legitimate reason to sleep in, the findings could also inspire new health recommendations for women at greater risk of heart disease, depression, and psychological problems.
The study, which was led by clinical psychologist and sleep expert Michael Breus, estimated men and women’s respective needs for sleep by assessing their ability to deal with insufficient rest. According to Breus, the experiment suggested a sharp difference between genders. "We found that women had more depression, women had more anger, and women had more hostility early in the morning," he told reporters.


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