Friday, October 18, 2013

Fire Releases Medical Waste, Sickens Detroit Community

My opinion:  I think this situation is actually only a small example of the potential dangers of medical waste and germs.  Perhaps medical waste is not carefully regulated enough by certain facilities.  Or, it is possible that some people who generate waste as a part of their treatment do not dispose of it properly.  In addition, this brings up the topic of passing germs that do not originate from medical waste.  In hospitals, though there are many regulations, there may be an exchange of a few items between patients and other people, whether they be medical staff or visitors.  And sometimes hand sanitizer doesn't do the trick to kill germs.  So how can waste be better stored?  Many waste containers are already fireproof.  According to the article, there are not enough regulations that track waste disposal.  So would this be enough, or should all facilities with medical waste containers be better trained beforehand on how to use them?  Feel free to comment or add suggestions.   

People who work by fire at Detroit warehouse filled with medical waste report medical problems

Posted: 10/17/2013
By: Kim Russell
Detroit (WXYZ) - Just as Seven Action News was about to expose the fact that someone was storing boxes of medical waste in an unsecured Detroit warehouse, the warehouse went up in flames.
Now people who work nearby say since the fire on September 26, they are getting sick. 
“I’ve never had asthma, and I couldn’t breathe,” said Vaughnia Vega, who says she has been sick since the fire.
She isn’t the only one. Bridging Communities Executive Director Phyllis Edwards says Vega is only one of several workers who got sick with blisters, cellulitis, or respiratory problems right after the fire.   
“Something needs to be done,” said Edwards.
One doctor said a worker had symptoms associated with breathing in formaldehyde vapors.
“We want to know what was in that building.  What exactly was being stored there?  Would this be allowed in another community?” asked Edwards.

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