Sunday, October 27, 2013

Doctor Cures Man of Double Vision: How Some Doctors Don't Let Their Patients Down

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My thoughts:  As happy as I am to see this man cured of double vision, I'd like to focus on how he was cured.  Considering that so many doctors were unable to diagnose his condition, it frankly makes pre-meds like me afraid that we will let some patients down.  This may be inevitable, but how can we fail less often?  For one thing, I just read another article about another man with an "untreatable" condition.  One doctor, though, instead of asking the patients questions right from the get-go, let him speak his mind and waiting to ask questions after he finished explaining his condition.  This was the same doctor who was finally able to diagnose and treat him condition accurately.  So perhaps this is a start.  I'm also wondering if doctors can do more research to find what might be closely related to the described condition, even if they don't know exactly what it is.  And at the very least, if all else fails, maybe they could provide references to other doctors who may more closely specialize in particular treatments.  Are there any ideas you can come up with?  Or, if you're a doctor, have you often been in situations like this?  Feel free to comment.

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