Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1/3 of People Don't Return to Restaurants with Unsanitary Bathrooms

My opinion:  Given these statistics, it is crucial that restaurant owners maintain their facilities.  Maybe they don't have to look over-the-top, but cleanliness definitely should be a priority.  Here's some ideas to make it better: Make the bathroom doors automatic!  Though automatic features in bathrooms are becoming commonplace, I've never been in one where I didn't have to touch the door handle while going out.  Also, perhaps the trash bins can be placed below the soap dispensers, so soap doesn't drip on the floor or counters.  Finally, many people think that public computer keyboards are even dirtier than these bathrooms.  I'd like to see some spray and paper towels at the media center - they're not just for cleaning exercise machines at the gym.  Any more improvements in the bathroom or in other places?  Feel free to make a suggestion.


One-third won't go back to a restaurant with a dirty bathroom

Hands-free bathrooms the new germ-free restaurant trend. (UPI Photo/A.J. Sisco)
Hands-free bathrooms the new germ-free restaurant trend. (UPI Photo/A.J. Sisco)
Published: June 30, 2013 at 4:07 PM
PHOENIX, June 30 (UPI) -- Almost 30 percent of U.S.adults say they will never return to a restaurant with a dirty bathroom, a survey indicates.
Elliott Greenberg, owner of www.TouchFreeConcepts.com said a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for SCA Tissue North America found 50 percent of restaurant patrons who have a negative experience with the restroom -- bad odors, grimy soap dispensers, dirty toilets and other cleanliness problems -- will discuss it to friends and family.
Every restaurant wants to provide customers with a clean, hygienic restroom, but they can become soiled quickly. Traditional soap dispensers require hand pumping, spread germs; and they also tend to leak, resulting in an unappealing congealed blob on the sink, Greenberg said.
Toilet levers notoriously spread germs and restrooms don't always smell good, Greenberg added.
Touch-free systems offer a solution to all these problems, and more restaurants and businesses are adopting them as are hospitals, health clubs and churches, Greenberg said

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2013/06/30/One-third-wont-go-back-to-a-restaurant-with-a-dirty-bathroom/UPI-80701372622838/#ixzz2XvGUc7Q6

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