Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Man has 8-Month Erection - How to Manage Embarrassing Conditions

My opinion:  While I want to say this is hilarious, I also think that Metzgar (the patient) endured significant problems that I probably couldn't even imagine.  With an 8-month erection, it is difficult, if not impossible, to do anything in public!  Even staying at home was a challenge if others came to visit.  I think his family members should have been much more considerate of this issue.  While it may be funny, it is entirely disrespectful to tease your own relatives - usually the relatives are the most understanding of all.  For such reasons, I believe this may affect doctor/patient communication.  Though such communication is always strained, it is especially so for embarrassing topics.  I don't know who Metzgar was able to turn to during this time period - it was probably difficult to even discuss it with an alternative doctor.  Perhaps if societal notions surrounding bizarre conditions were to eventually change, then these problems wouldn't feel as severe.  Regarding the court case, I think someone needs to be found responsible - I know the blame was placed on the technicians.  Is it them, or should the urologist be retried?  Also, I know there were cases in which breast implants enlarged on a plane.  Maybe we could use that event as a precedent for this one.  Feel free to comment.


Jury finds urologist not responsible for patient's 8-month erection post-surgery

A man who claimed his 8-month long erection was due to his urologist's improper care will not be receiving financial compensation for pain and suffering.
The News Journal of Wilmington in Del. reported that the New Castle County Superior Court jury found urologist Dr. Thomas Desperito was not medically negligent when his patient Daniel Metzgar, had post-surgery complications that lead to an 8-month erection.
Desperito put a penile implant in Metzgar, a 44-year-old Hoboken, N.J. truck driver, in December 2009.
During the trial, Metzgar testified that he had the device put in to improve his love life after diabetes left him with erectile dysfunction. However, he said his testicles swelled up to the size of a volleyball shortly after he had the surgery done.
Metzgar said he became withdrawn, had to wear baggy clothes, and could not ride his motorcycle or bend over to pick up the newspaper. His 18-year-old stepson said the relationship between him and Metzgar grew distant because he was "highly embarrassed" about the situation. Metzgar's wife added that he was teased and taunted by family members because of his enlarged prostate and erection. Metzgar had the device removed in August 2010, when tubing from the prosthesis poked out of his scrotum during a family trip. He has had the device replaced by a different doctor.

From:  http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-204_162-57589692/jury-finds-urologist-not-responsible-for-patients-8-month-erection-post-surgery/

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