Thursday, May 9, 2013

Emory University Grant Establishes Healthcare in Schools

My opinion: I understand that many schools have programs that give students free lunches if they cannot afford food.  However, never have I heard anything regarding healthcare in schools.  Though many of the grants in this country are spend on research and making more medical facilities, there seem to be few that focus on health care access.  Of course, everyone has different values in the medical industry, and I imagine that it is difficult to split the money up for different causes.  However, without healthcare access, will these research efforts have any use?  Perhaps these schools do not need fancy facilities like hospitals - rather, if they have just some well-qualified staff and resources, children may be given basic treatment.  If the children have more serious issues, then they may be transferred to the hospital.  Thus, more children may be accurately diagnosed and these school programs will not cost excessive amounts of money.  Feel free to comment.


‘Raider Care’ is coming soon

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 12:09 PM EDT
Bacon County has become the most recent in Georgia to receive a planning grant to assess local needs for school-based health care.

The grant, which is made possible through the Emory University School of Medicine, comes in the wake of the school’s recognition that school-based health centers “facilitate easy access to health care for children in addition to decreasing the cost of their health care”, according to an Emory press release.


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