Monday, January 21, 2013

Kinesthetics in Music Clash with Medicine

As a musician, I've noticed that many of my teachers and colleagues have a wide variety of ideas regarding posture.  In fact, sometimes these ideas directly contradict each other!  I understand that posture is a crucial aspect to performing a musical instrument, but how do we know what kinds of postures are correct?  One teacher I had believed that many postures may be "correct," as different people (whose bodies are obviously different) will do their best under different conditions.  But how do musicians really know what is best?  Would doctors understand this better?  I remember going to the dermatologist a few years ago, and he saw the callous on the side of my neck from playing violin.  He had some ideas to prevent it from becoming worse, but thought that violinists actually might have better methods than his own!  So where exactly can we draw the line on what musicians know about the body?  Feel free to comment.

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