Sunday, January 27, 2013

How the Blind Learn to See

Many people seem to believe that patients are capable of turning their illness or condition into a new light.  For example, I once examined the ability of the blind to see.  Though some blind people reckon that they must use their other senses to better understand their environment, many others describe a new kind of "sight" that they develop.  One historical individual I came across was even able to repair building rooves on his own, even though he had been blinded many years prior.  A group of students and I then participated in an activity in which half the group was blindfolded, and each was assigned a partner to serve as a guide through a garden.  He or she would then attempt to describe the garden to the blinded person.  Then, everyone would switch roles.  After completing this, I now empathize more with the blinded - it takes a lot of description to accurately "see" when blind!  But perhaps some claim to see without any given information at all!  These concepts can all make for a very large debate, but to throw another idea into the pool, I was also wondering if this occurs in those who are deaf.  Can they learn to "hear" noises?  Feel free to comment. 

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