Sunday, December 16, 2012

So Which State is the First One with no Abortions?

Mississippi May Become First Abortion-Free State as Hospitals Refuse Last Abortion Facility

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Mississippi is poised to become the first abortion-free state in the nation as the last remaining abortion facility within its borders reports that it is having difficulty complying with the law.
Earlier this year, lawmakers in Mississippi passed a regulation that requires abortion facilities in the state to have board certification and obtain admitting privileges. The latter requirement, which allows abortionists to send women that are injured during an abortion to local hospitals for further treatment, was said to serve as a safeguard to protect women that need critical medical care.
After the bill was signed into law, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the last abortion facility in the state, filed a lawsuit in an attempt to block the requirements. During a hearing in July, the facility explained to the court that it had been unsuccessful in obtaining admitting privileges, and was granted six months of additional time to comply with the law under the direction of federal judge Daniel Jordan.
Jackson Women’s Health Organization now has until January 16th to find a hospital that will grant it admitting privileges, but with one month left to go, the facility says that it is still being refused by area hospitals.

My opinion:
Given that abortion is a ridiculously complicated issue, I'm not going to try to say whether this is right or wrong.  I do wonder, however, why Mississippi?  Why not other states?  I guess even in states that are relatively anti-abortion, some facilities try to stay open despite the fact that the laws are against them.  Additionally, though the recently made law here doesn't outlaw abortions, maybe it is just the government's sly way of getting rid of abortion clinics.  Feel free to comment.

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