Sunday, December 16, 2012

Should Hospitals be Privatized?

Protest over privatisation of public hospitals in Spain
Spain,Health/Medicine, Mon, 03 Dec 2012 IANS

Madrid, Dec 3 (IANS/EFE) Thousands of people, including health professionals, took to the streets of the Spanish capital Sunday to protest plans by the Madrid regional government to outsource management and some services provided by public hospitals.
The demonstrators, who included elderly people and children, showed up at all the hospitals in the capital as part of the "Abraza tu hospital" (Embrace Your Hospital) campaign.
Protesters chanted and held hands as they surrounded large hospitals like Gregorio Maranon Hospital.
The protest's goal is to pressure the regional government "to put in place the mechanisms needed to make it possible to have a more efficient public health system", union member Magdalena Salcedo told EFE.
About 3,000 protesters, according to organizers' estimates, held hands and surrounded La Princesa Hospital, forming a human chain around the medical facility.

My opinion:
I feel really bad that this is happening in Spain.  The issue is, though, that the country may be in very poor condition and the government actually has no money to sustain their hospitals.  Additionally, at least in America, many hospitals may be constrained by too much administration.  In Spain, however, I'm sure the situation is different, but I'm not sure if only 3,000 people protesting are actually able to put a halt to the government's actions.

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